Who is Candice 

To find out more about her upcoming event " I AM BUTIFUL" please visit www.iambutiful.com and get involved.

Motivational Speaker
Candice has been a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker for the past 12 years. She uses her personal tragedies and life's pitfalls. Her speeches leaving you feeling nothing is impossible! MORE..
Youth Advocate and Founder
She is the Founder/CEO of Mukisa Girls Empowerment Centre in Kampala, giving girls and education at primary level 6-12 yrs old.   MORE
Talk Show Host
She is currently a host on the hit Talk Skow "Point of View" currently on daytime T.V. NBC Comcast on the Afrotainment Channels. MORE
Candice made her first attempt to start her cosmetic business for 14 years and with many failed attempts didn't discourage her. Those events help to push her harder to launch BUtiful by Candice 100% self-funded. LA Sentinel calls the BUtiful Empire. MORE