Candice is a Motivational Speaker that have graced some of the greatest platforms from TBN to the Senate Congressional Floor 


You deserve to lead your life to its full potential. In this life-changing presentation, Candice Cruz brings a breakthrough approach to achieving your deepest desires and dreams. After years of working with many closed doors and failures. The business was launched the dream was alive and everything lost was an actual gain.   Candice through her hands-on experience created a framework to help women manage their lives for ultimate success and satisfaction. Countless audiences have been inspired and driven to make changes big and small using Candice techniques for reaching professional success and personal fulfillment. It’s your time!

You’ll learn to:
* Unlock your full potential
* Create achievable goals in all areas of your life
* Drop the guilt that is holding you back
* Rework your relationship to time
* Transform your morning routine
* Apply tools and techniques from 

Lead the change in your own life. As an entrepreneur, your time and personal life are under constant attack.  The key to accomplishing any task or goal professionally or personal is our mindset. The risks and sacrifices involved in the entrepreneurial journey can lead to extreme thinking and poor choices. And without understanding how to unlock the keys in your mind will lead you to your purpose and destiny. Entrepreneurship is like a tug of war between figuring out if you have enough money, experience, help, and know-how to move forward. Candice will take you through her ground-breaking strategies for finding personal and professional success and enriching your life in every way by changing your mind. And understanding how the subconscious works and how to REWIRE old thought patterns will start changing your life!

You’ll learn to:
* Design a life that will help you reach your potential
* Identify the blurred boundaries that are getting in your way
* Get “unstuck”
* Change your thoughts
* How to think positively 
* Break through the invisible wall that is holding you back

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