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Mukisa Girls Empowerment Centre is a nonprofit 501c3 registered in Kampala Uganda (pending in the US). We are a program designed to educate, emancipate, empower underprivileged girls in primary grade level age 6-12 years old. Due to extreme poverty and/or circumstances, girls in surrounding villages are sold as child brides, housemaids, and sex slaves. Being left unattended and out of school leaves the vulnerable for child predators and exploitation.

Upon completion of our property, the school will serve as a boarding school able to facilitate 100 girls. We intend to break the cycle through the power of God one girl at a time.  The Centre is designed to teach and equip women in the village a trade skill to promote sustainable living. Candice started off with 10 girls but quickly grew to 30 rescuing 10 from Human Trafficking and Emancipating 5 child brides. The vision Candice had is well on the way to educating little girls with no hope. home or resources. 

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