This devotional is power packed with the revelation for healing while inspiring honest and real conversations. Each devotion takes you on a personal journey through my heart and soul of abuse, abandonment, rejection, and feeling like a bottomless pit.

Please read with the expectation of your personal healing. I will share with you how I overcame these hardships, and each devotion comes with a seven-day challenge to heal, transform and be transparent with yourself.  Sometimes we look “at the mirror,” but we don’t look “into the mirror.” Take this journey with me and let’s look at what’s inside so we can be our authentic, beautiful self on the outside.

This book of devotions is ideal for self-reflection and healing among youth and women’s fellowship groups. The daily challenges will promote conversations that we don’t discuss enough as women. I also include affirmations for you to recite daily to help you build self-esteem, promote positive speech, activate the fullness of your purpose and increase your faith and hope in God.  Let’s take this journey together.

My love and prayers for you right now,